It’s a blog stupid…


… so I really have to be less afraid of making short posts. The really short ones that in the past I have done on FB because they were too long for Twitter but I, in my silly pretension, felt they were too short for here. ­čśŤ


The (Empty) World Cup Runneth Over

An anti-government demonstrator takes part in a protest against the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro

Years past, every four years, I have been able to pretend I am more of a “proper” football fan than American football fan. This is, of course, patently false, evidenced by the quotation marks around the word “proper” and the fact that this is my first blog post about soccer. The sad reality of it is that it is not really about the game at all, but rather the unfortunate outcome for so many Brazilians. Continue reading

How Do You Respond When Good People Screw Up? (TW: transphobia)

Seriously, I would like to know. Lately I have seen more “I’m not (x-ist) but” from people I would have thought know better. In particular tiny displays of cis sexism (and the attending sexism) have been on the rise and I have found myself flustered. These are nice people, smart people, who I do not want to start a fight with, but at the same time they have said something very hurtful to me, to all trans folk, and do not seem the least bit bothered by it. They are bothered by the potential for being perceived as homophobic or transphobic, but the comments themselves; not so much. Continue reading

Training Young Minds to Hate


You don’t think this image is a bit biased, do you?

I am on occasion a fan of nostalgia. Somethings, however, are better left in the past. The Cold War, for instance, can be safely left in the history books. Despite that more than a few in the media, including some so-called progressives seem pretty keen on the idea of jump starting that 20th century anachronism. The bogey man of the last decade, the Islamist militant, has apparently lost his punch. A good job has been done by decent folk getting most of their fellow Americans to acknowledge that most Muslims are just like you or me, and that not being a Muslim and being white, does not mean you are immune from being a terrorist. So yay for us. What is a culture bent on defining itself by conflict to benefit a few war profiteers to do though? Continue reading

What Is “Real”

“No true Scotsman.” That logical fallacy seems increasingly in vogue these days. If someone in our broad group deviates from what we find acceptable behavior or modes of thinking, we rush to toss them from that broad group, insisting we get to define what it means to be Christian, American, conservative, progressive, Democrat, or Republican. We do this to ostracize those we disagree with, and often in progressive circles, cover up the fact that our beliefs are open to interpretations that go against our values. Continue reading

Duck, Duck, Goose

English: A rubber duck. Fran├žais : Un canard e...

English: A rubber duck. Fran├žais : Un canard en plastique de couleur jaune. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I honestly do not know how to feel about the news that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has been suspended by A + E. Yes, as a queer and just a generally decent human being I find his remarks disgusting. Also, yes, when he compares homosexuality to fucking animals, he is comparing me to a bestiophile, so quibbling over his remarks as just saying they are both sins is disingenuous, or at least extremely short-sighted. He is a bigot and a zealot and I really do not have much use for him. Continue reading

Gorging on Nothing

Empty plates - Maialetto - Tea Rooms of Yarck ...

Empty plates – Maialetto – Tea Rooms of Yarck AUD39 (Photo credit: avlxyz)


Apparently there was no chemical attack in Syria. Children are not starving here in the United States. Environmental ruin is not a problem. We do not have to worry about economic collapse here or abroad thanks to the inequities of capitalism. Brave, young men are not being pilloried for exposing the crimes committed by their government. I come to these conclusions because, outside a few particularly active people, I see nothing today on my social media about these. Instead I am reading about everyone’s offense at Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance. Continue reading