Friday Nite Poetry: More Than A Mile


I don’t mean to pick on the guys who do that whole “Mile in Her Shoes” thing where the boys get out and walk in heels for a mile as a show of solidarity but really, it’s a pretty shallow show of support. I mean, thanks for the effort and all, but really, all we want is for you to think a little. Oh, and talk, with each other, a lot, about this kind of stuff. Of course the second poem could be for both men and women who are child free by choice, but that shit comes down more on the ladies than men. Continue reading


Friday Nite Poetry: The Little Hurts

I hate seeing other people have bad days. More than anything I wish I could take all the hurt out of the world. I know that is not possible, but I wish I could give a little peace to those around me, especially those I know have earned it. I watched a really cool, kind, and smart coworker have one of those days today. She doesn’t deserve how I could tell she felt when she left, and I hope her day went better when she got home. This one is for her. Continue reading

Friday Nite Poetry: Back in ’94

I don’t miss my misspent youth, not really. There were some good times though and occasionally it is worth it take a little look back. I might have saved these poems for the Poetry Month Celebration, but it seems silly to not do Friday Nite Poetry as well as that, especially when I have two related poems. Here’s to the past and all the fun people I spent it with.

Continue reading