New Poem: Keep Your Eye On It


Without a doubt the evils of racism have hit people of color in ways that not a single white person on this planet can fully comprehend. That said, White Supremacy is not just targeted at black and brown bodies, but poor white ones too.  And they go for it, every time. I’d like to say I don’t know why, but sadly, I do. Continue reading


New Poem: Confessions of an Ex-Apprentice


I loved my time in academia, I really did, and I do wish I could have continued had family misfortune not curtailed such. I do realize though, that it is not uncommon for those whose education comes solely from that source miss out on a lot, and it costs everyone.

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The Other “C” Word


This primary season has brought out both the best and worst in some folks. As has been the case since her entry to the national stage, Hillary Clinton, by no means my choice for the Democratic nomination, has been subject to sexist garbage. Almost all of it comes from the right. Republicans are fairly cruel to the women in their own ranks, and even worse to those outside. Some has also come from my fellow Bernie supporters, though that less than a mole hill has been made into a mountain by her mouth pieces. It is an issue though. As can be expected when patriarchal fools get their ire up, a certain “c word” is often casually, and disgustingly dropped. That is not what I want to talk about today though. I want to talk about the other “c word.” I want to talk about class. Continue reading

New Poem: Primate House

primate house

I don’t label myself, not really, when it comes to politics. A lot of people say I am a lefty, some call me a radical (I have actual radical friends that probably would get a good chuckle out of that,) progressive seams to stick. If I were to label myself I suppose I would say I am a compassionate rationalist, which does mean many of my policy opinions come down on what would be called the left. Funny how we use an outdated seating arrangement turned outdated mode of academic discussion of a “political spectrum” to create an identity.
One thing I never call myself, though, is “liberal.” Not because conservatives turned it into a dirty word. No, because so many of the so called “liberal” pundits have more in common with the conservatives they say they hate, especially when it comes to the working class. They love us, until they don’t.  I guess we’re good for a laugh though. Continue reading

Demolition, Revolution and How Not to do Either


Demolition and revolution have a bit in common. Sometimes they are necessary and often, necessary or not, we find it hard to bring ourselves to accept it. We have lived in that house, in that system, for too long and we do not want to move out. We love it despite the drafts, despite the hazards, and despite the fact that it is coming down on its own anyway, and that it has proven disastrous for those living in and around it. Once we decide to get rid of the house, or the system, we have to resist the urge to do the obvious. Continue reading

New Poem: Ascent


“Don’t read the comments.” I think about that advice, advice I mentioned the other day. It is good advice. I know there are so many voices that care about the oppressed, but sometimes the oppressors drown them out. Please don’t think that means we don’t know you are there, and please don’t join the other side by calling us ungrateful. We are grateful, sometimes though, the climbing is hard. Continue reading

Shifting Demographics, Attitudes, and Those Left Behind


According to this NY Times article, more Hispanic folks in the US are identifying as white. This may seem a bit odd, and I will not get into a discussion, just click the link and it will explain. The whole affair reminds me off other times in our nation’s history that a demographic was able to get a place at the big table. For decades, the better part of a century really, Irish were not considered “real” white people. This held true of Italians as well, who came later and gained acceptance later. What happens next, what very well may happen next for so many Hispanic Americans, is kind of sad. Continue reading