New Poem: The Camp


Right now, as in, today, April 24, my hometown is trying to push homeless people out of a community they made, more or less out of anyone’s view, because, well, who knows why. I mean, sure, it is probably to keep development investors happy. And technically they are on private,though unusable to the owners, land. Personally I think too many in our society enjoy kicking people when they are down. Especially people who don’t count as people in the eyes of too many.

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Invisible Hand My Pasty, White…


I will never cease to be amazed by the seemingly bizarre assertions of American Political Culture. In particular I find so-called conservative ideas (keeping in mind real conservatives are pro tax, but whatevs) perplexing. There seems to be an inverse relationship between the number of people affected by an action or system and how much they want it regulated. That is utterly counter-intuitive to me. You would think the more people who could potentially be harmed by an institution, the more we would want rules to keep it in check. It seems an idea so simple your average grade school kid cold get it, but apparently these people went to a different school than I did. Continue reading