A Gift From a Faithless Angel


The office is almost empty at Melloni Solutions. Save for Nate, Paul and Jim Melloni himself, the staff has left for the holiday. Garlands of silver and gold line the doorways to each of their offices and a tree sits in the middle of the lobby in which the IT specialists both entertain clients and brainstorm. Interfaith displays line the big, central room as Nate wearily makes his way toward the front door. Through the glass he sees the driving snow. The lights on the shrubs at the end of the short walk to the parking lot are barely visible through the storm. Right up front is the bosses office, a sign of Jim’s openness with both staff and clients. Continue reading


What Do You Have To Offer?

pearly gates

Atheism has a problem. Our loudest voices (I refuse to call them leaders, and many would deny that title, and a few of those even believe it when they do so) have been behaving in a disgusting fashion. From holding one theistic belief system as inherently worse than others despite plenty of evidence within and without otherwise to engaging in at best sleazy and at worst oppressive and criminal behavior, but that is not the problem. No our problem is a smug dismissal of what we know to be the reasons people cling to religion. We poke fun, attempting to paint the faithful as stupid for holding out hope for the next world when so much needs fixing right here. I think my friend, Jay Branscomb (the fellow who started the ball rolling on those hilarious Steven Speilberg-Triceratops memes) put it best. Continue reading

That Positively Ancient Chestnut

I have been known to get angry now and then. My struggles with depression are even more well documented. I would like to keep a cheerful demeanor all the time, but that is not always possible. Overall, however, I think I am a positive person. I love my family and friends unconditionally and even the rest of humanity, even, maybe especially, when they are driving me up the wall. This happens more often than I am comfortable with, and in particular when I have to read how my unhappiness comes simply from being the person I am. Continue reading

Ours Is The Glory

Hubble image of MACS J0717 with mass overlay

Hubble image of MACS J0717 with mass overlay (Photo credit: Hubble Space Telescope / ESA)


I love my conversations with my Dad. They don’t always bring up new truths for me, ¬†though they often do, but they are great for dredging up old ones. We both wonder why people focus more on what may or may not come after this life than what we know comes with this one. More importantly we wonder why people choose to take such a limited view of the world we live in. How can people not see how wonderful this universe is without the need for some divine spark starting it. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Memes


I am not a big fan of having to write about a specific issue twice in one week. I hate abusing the proverbial equine once it has shuffled off its mortal coil and such. Every once in a while though someone, or something, sticks in my craw. Maybe the issue is so big, or maybe someone reminds me that they still need an education on it. Such is the case with the following meme. Continue reading