Poetry Month Day 1: Clunky Gardening Metaphor


Starting Poetry Month with a piece that I wrote yesterday at a workshop. Yes I am posting it a day late, but since it was written on the first, I am counting it. Also think it is kind of a perfect set up for the month. Continue reading


Dear Trump Voters;


I have finally figured out what to say. It has been a rough several months since you voted a man I cannot help but hate, and even worse since his inauguration. We have seen divisiveness in this country since it was a country, but really nothing like this. I have struggled to figure out the word. What must I say to help you understand. Then I realized it is I who must understand. I have not tried to comprehend you, until now. After long contemplation, I finally have the right words: Continue reading

Nothing New


This is not new. Thousands of Americans did not, over one November night, decide to be racist, homophobic, trans antagonist, sexist and anti-Semitic . Donald Trump did not create those things in our country. The Republican party did not invent those things. They each took advantage of them. They provided a bullhorn for those who worship at the altar of bigotry, but they in no way built the altar. It has been an integral part of what it means to be American as long as there has been an America. It is written right into the first American document. Continue reading