Funny Thought on 2-21-17


Funny Thought for the day:

I will get there. I will transition. The estradiol and spiro will shape my biochemistry, and a surgeon will shape my flesh. I will be the me I always knew I could be. Then the robot overlords will come and force us all to upload our consciousness into their mainframe. With my luck.

How I Stopped Worrying About Riots and Began Loving Anti-Fascist Rage


Hello there.  This is Johnny Silvercloud, the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind.  The Vicious Abolitionist.  Frederick Thuglass.  The Gordon Parks of these parts.  Being that I was back home in Washington D.C. employing my lens during this historical event of an Inauguration, I feel compelled to discuss my mixed feelings on the micro-riot that occurred when I embedded myself into a set of black-clad protesters.

A Different Type of Protester


When I first saw these protesters arrive, they marched through McPherson Square (a spot for multiple protesters) and I’ll have to say that there was something different than them.  The first thing I noticed was that they were decked out in black, head to toe.  They all wore masks, and walked out in as a uniform front.  Out of the various protesters meeting and crossing McPherson Square, these folks were the most intriguing folks out there.

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Getting Going


“When the going get tough,” except I am not tough. I am fragile. I break down over a missed or late bus. I cry in great, heaving sobs if there is too much noise in a waiting room. Despite my tough girl persona on social media I loathe conflict, knowing each argument, each raised voice, each stabbing finger puts me that much closer to a quivering heap in the fetal position on the floor. Whatever the farthest thing from tough is, that is me. Continue reading

New Poem: This is a Picture


I remember the first time I saw this photo. I thought “this is terrible, but maybe this is just what we need to finally get people to act.” I was naive, it is a flaw of mine. Despite my bitching, and my general cantankerousness I want to believe the best of people. Now we have in the highest administrative office of our government a man eager to make things worse, and backers, far too many backers, who are urging him on. Maybe we all need to really see this photo, with our eyes wide open, for the first time.
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What You Get as a Supporter


I have several projects in the works. Two of them I have mentioned earlier, but will get a description again in this post, and three others are new  Only my Patreon patrons will be getting updates on any of these projects. So tell all your friends if they want a first look at some fun poetry, epic fantasy, and snarky humor.

Two Million Year Echo: A book of poetry featuring neopaleo poetry. Neopaleo poetics involves describing the life of ancient man, or pre homo sapiens, lives using only terms they would have a concept of. For instance knife might be in, because they had rudimentary knives, but sword is right out.

Curving Spaces: This will be poetry combining my love of astronomy, and to a lesser degree math, with the trans experience. There are comparisons aplenty with all the transformation that goes on out there, and I look forward to having fun with this.

Emma’s Tale: Not the actual title. This I mentioned before too. This will be a fantasy story set in a late age of exploration style background and featuring Emma, a trans woman who ran away from home and is living in an independent city, cleaning and cooking in a brothel.

Nanna’s Tale: Not officially the title, but I like the idea of keeping it. This fantasy novel is inspired by, of all things an internet meme. It stars Nanna, a woman in an assisted living community, who gets swept up in a cosmic adventure along with her cat, and her caregiver.

The Liberal Bourgeoisie Phrasebook: This one may rub some folks the wrong way, but it is all in good fun. Moderate liberals say some funny things, even if they do not mean to. This book translates those comments for the more radical reader.

There they are. Updates on these, and any new projects I start, will only be available to patrons, so come on and enjoy the madness.