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Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

I have written posts about supporting Hand of Ananke in the past. Rather than write anymore I thought I would leave all the information right here for you. I want to bring you the best I can, and the more time I get to spend on this blog, the better it will be.

To that end I have the Donate button on your right, but more importantly to you I have something to offer for your help. The more you help, the more you get. Each level of help gets you everything from the previous levels as well. I know with your support we can reach a huge audience, sharing more art and getting more people talking about so many issues we tend to sweep under the rug.ย  Check out what I am offering here, and help as much as you like.

$10: A pdf of The Delicate Art of Saying Yes.
$20: A signed copy of Ego Codex.
$35: A signed copy of Drawing Lines.
$70: A signed copy of Candids: Snapshots of the Real Lives of Fictional People
$120: A link on my Supporters page with a description of the business/blog/organization ย the link connects to.
$200: Your name in the Acknowledgements of my next book.

I know we can make this blog grow and provide daily doses of fun fiction and social justice essays. Your support will make that happen and get you those tokens of my appreciation in the process. Thank you all for reading, and please don’t be shy about commenting, Hand of Ananke is here to generate dialogue.

Christine Noble
(aka The Hand of Ananke)

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