Being “Nice” And Complacency Doctrine

I used to have a real bad temper. I rarely hurt other people, at least in my adult life, but you would not want to be a wall, chair or end table around me when my ire was raised. I could yell with the best of them and whether or not I was right or wrong about the issue at hand is ultimately immaterial, because I was so very wrong in how I reacted. I wreaked havoc on those around me and was frankly not a very pleasant person to be around. I have made peace with the demons that put in me in that place though and with the fact that I was there to begin with.

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Don’t Think Twice, You Never Do Anyway

Coming out is a challenge no matter who you are. Even if you are lucky to have parents accepting of LGBT folk, as I had,  you are surrounded by a society that is not quite there yet. True we have made strides, long ones, across the country, but many places are still stuck in a heterosexist nightmare, and many of queer folk have been raised to hate themselves for who they are. Everyone is facing those battles in their own way. Sometimes they face them very, very badly. Continue reading

Guilty Pleasure (and Privilege)

Guilt Show

Guilt Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some may have read yesterday’s post and quite understandably thought it was the result of White Guilt. You may have seen it and maybe if you are a white person who is in denial about privilege you may think I hate my fellow white people and being white. Nothing, could be further from the truth. I am not proud to be white. Being proud of being white would be like being proud to afford a Jag when you inherited thirty million from your daddy. What exactly did you accomplish there? No, I am not proud, but nor am I ashamed. Continue reading

Life In The Cross-hairs

cross hairs texture for layer T4L

cross hairs texture for layer T4L (Photo credit: † David Gunter)

It is not easy having to be the one making decisions for a group of people, regardless of the size. It is, I imagine, even harder when making those decisions for a large group of children, and through them, to a degree, their parents. I do not envy the sticky situations that teachers and school administrators often find themselves in. That said, one can avoid making life harder for oneself by not making sweeping declarations that are unnecessary. Continue reading

In Gender Struggles, Leave No One Behind


This is a Symbol for Gender "Intersex&quo...

This is a Symbol for Gender “Intersex”, which does imply infinite Possibilities/Variety of anatomical Appearance and Gender/sexual Identity. It was originally designed by Maya Posch and has been changed a little by Marcus Werthmann to look more similar to the other Symbols, which Marcus Werthmann did use for a Project. In Accordance with Maya Posch, this Picture of the changed Version is now released by Marcus Werthmann, mentioning her Name to fit the choosen Creative Commons Licence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am ashamed to say that I did not realize until earlier this evening that yesterday was Intersex Awareness Day. I spend so much of my time focusing on the struggles of the trans* community, both men and women, that I completely neglected that there were others in our midst who have been even more marginalized. In our struggle to be where we want to be in the gender binary, we so easily forget that there are those that will never fit into it. Continue reading

Knights in Tarnished Armor

English: Mycenaean armor from Dendra - Commonl...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have occasionally (quit giggling) been known to rant about privilege on HoA. Racism, sexism, cis sexism, hetero sexism, and so many other forms of oppression affect us in ways, both large and small, in our daily lives. We all also know that there are far too many people who like to keep it that way. Their privilege gives them advantages that they do not want to let go of. They denounce any attempt to create an equitable society and love to trot out that now tired notion of reverse oppression. Social justice warriors are ready, willing and more than able to deal with those who fight openly to shore up the cultural and institutional barriers that face the oppressed. We are somewhat less ready, willing, or able, to deal with those who claim to be on our side, but then turn around to cry that they do not enjoy privilege. Continue reading

Not Over The Rainbow Yet

This photo shows the place where the rainbow r...

This photo shows the place where the rainbow rises (the end of a rainbow), many mythologies were associated with such places. 中文: 彩虹升起之地,彩虹的盡頭 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Today we have cause to celebrate. Today two pillars of oppression have been severely weakened by a sadly divided Supreme Court. The worst provisions of DOMA have been struck down, and the Court has decided that supporters of Proposition 8 in California could not take up its case in lieu of the state doing so. We can take to the streets and cry our joy to the skies, and be thankful that we now live in a kinder, saner world, at least from a legal standpoint. Continue reading