New Poem: Speciation


Destroy the environment. Destroy society. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. Continue reading


Nothing New


This is not new. Thousands of Americans did not, over one November night, decide to be racist, homophobic, trans antagonist, sexist and anti-Semitic . Donald Trump did not create those things in our country. The Republican party did not invent those things. They each took advantage of them. They provided a bullhorn for those who worship at the altar of bigotry, but they in no way built the altar. It has been an integral part of what it means to be American as long as there has been an America. It is written right into the first American document. Continue reading

New Poem: This is a Picture


I remember the first time I saw this photo. I thought “this is terrible, but maybe this is just what we need to finally get people to act.” I was naive, it is a flaw of mine. Despite my bitching, and my general cantankerousness I want to believe the best of people. Now we have in the highest administrative office of our government a man eager to make things worse, and backers, far too many backers, who are urging him on. Maybe we all need to really see this photo, with our eyes wide open, for the first time.
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The Unnecessary Danger Zone


This blog has tackled state violence against its people, rape culture, deprivation at the hands of capitalism, and our society’s long, violent history, just to name a few daunting topics. These issues, especially when they hold a mirror to ourselves, are intimidating to read, much less write about. They take a lot out of the author and consumer both, yet they need discussed so many of us out there get to our keyboards and, to the best of our varied abilities to that. It is not the bravery of standing against hostile police at a rally, but it takes a gumption of sorts. So what topic could be so intimidating that one struggles for over an hour on how even to begin to discuss it? The answer, no surprise, is masturbation. Even less of a surprise, once that cat is out of the bag, so to speak, is that it is specifically female masturbation. Continue reading

New Poem: I Get Along


This has been a terrible, no good day. Not that Hillary Clinton was without taint, as a mainstream Dem, not for any reason specific to her, but the most awful candidate thinkable won. It is not a surprise, when we look how bigots are pushing for bathroom bills, painting me and mine as rapists (all while supporting an alleged rapist) and offering lame excuses every time a black or brown human being is laid to waste by White Supremacy with a badge. I spent a good portion of it crying, and wondering, if the ACA is repealed, what next for my transition? I don’t have answers. I just have to get along. Continue reading