New Poem: This is a Picture


I remember the first time I saw this photo. I thought “this is terrible, but maybe this is just what we need to finally get people to act.” I was naive, it is a flaw of mine. Despite my bitching, and my general cantankerousness I want to believe the best of people. Now we have in the highest administrative office of our government a man eager to make things worse, and backers, far too many backers, who are urging him on. Maybe we all need to really see this photo, with our eyes wide open, for the first time.
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(Dis)owning the Parallels


Thinking about Gaza again. It does not help that this time, for whatever reason, it has really motivated people on all sides of the debate (yeah, you read that right, “all” not “both.”)  I cannot recall a time in the age of social media when so many people, for so many consecutive days, have posted something, usually many things, about their opinions on this issue. I suppose, despite so much of the vitriol spraying about in all this, that it is a good thing. People are talking and we have not done a lot of that on this issue. So yeah, talking is fine. Continue reading

Cycles of Anger and Pain


I try not to write about the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is, too put it mildly, a hornet’s nest. Feelings run understandably very high when one starts talking about Israel so other than once or twice in the last three years of blogging, I have shied away from the topic. The recent spat of violence and death in Gaza, and reactions to it,  have motivated me to tackle this again. If I trip on the way, I apologize, I am just giving my two cents, and so long as you can be civil about it, please share your thoughts as well. Continue reading

Training Young Minds to Hate


You don’t think this image is a bit biased, do you?

I am on occasion a fan of nostalgia. Somethings, however, are better left in the past. The Cold War, for instance, can be safely left in the history books. Despite that more than a few in the media, including some so-called progressives seem pretty keen on the idea of jump starting that 20th century anachronism. The bogey man of the last decade, the Islamist militant, has apparently lost his punch. A good job has been done by decent folk getting most of their fellow Americans to acknowledge that most Muslims are just like you or me, and that not being a Muslim and being white, does not mean you are immune from being a terrorist. So yay for us. What is a culture bent on defining itself by conflict to benefit a few war profiteers to do though? Continue reading

Aint Globalization Grand?

Us hippy types have a dream. We dream of one world. No more borders defended by corrupt governments who send young men off to die for them. No more being kept separate from one another to make it easier to other each other and to make us willing to do the bidding of our “leaders.” We dream of a human race unified and look out into the future and into the worlds we can explore, beyond and within our Mother Earth, together. That dream has been turned into a nightmare by our corporate overlords. Continue reading

Too Many Bullets For Russian Roulette

WE177 Nuclear Weapon

WE177 Nuclear Weapon (Photo credit: Gene Hunt)


When it comes to mutually assured destruction you want fewer players, not more. It should be patently obvious, really. It is bad enough that we have anyone with the capability of wiping out an entire state with one weapon, much less multiple groups. Mind you if we are going to have one,  I am glad there is at least a second. That keeps number one in line, but beyond that, the odds get a little scary. The more that have them, the more likely someone is going to be foolish enough to use them. That is why I do not understand some of my fellow leftists attitudes when it comes to Iran and nukes. Continue reading

We Still Don’t Ask Why

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes in...

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center complex in New York City during the September 11 attacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really had no plans to right about 9/11 today. At first it was because I could not really think of what to say about it that had not been said before. Then, days before, I already had 9/11 fatigue. Sorry, but it is true. Just thinking about it exhausts me, because I know dozen years later that we still have learned nothing from that awful day. I am tired knowing that all this time after, despite a month or so worth of chanting “we are all New Yorkers” the good will that came from sharing a common foe has broken down into the old fight over which people from which race/region/religion are “real” Americans. Mostly I am just plain beat because in all this time, too few are willing to ask why it happened to begin with. Continue reading