Sometimes Compassion is Hard

I know a thing or two about bitter. I have felt the sting of anger and hatred. I have known the disappointment of living in world that does not accept me, and that allows those that openly vilify me to spew their bile. It is so easy to give in to outrage or, worse, into self-righteous satisfaction when those who have hurt us willingly have fallen. Still, I would hope we could get beyond all that. Continue reading


How Do You Respond When Good People Screw Up? (TW: transphobia)

Seriously, I would like to know. Lately I have seen more “I’m not (x-ist) but” from people I would have thought know better. In particular tiny displays of cis sexism (and the attending sexism) have been on the rise and I have found myself flustered. These are nice people, smart people, who I do not want to start a fight with, but at the same time they have said something very hurtful to me, to all trans folk, and do not seem the least bit bothered by it. They are bothered by the potential for being perceived as homophobic or transphobic, but the comments themselves; not so much. Continue reading

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel in the Gun Debate

There are plenty of reasons of why we need to rethink, retool, and reform our gun laws. There are far too many examples to be cited underscoring how broken our relationship with firearms is. I have gone on record discussing this relationship and how we need to change our laws to reflect the urgent need for greater safety in the face of the increasing ease with which we can kill one another. We need more, and better discussion, which is not achieved through the manufacturing of another outrage. Continue reading

Not Your Vessels or Vassals

I do not have children. Since that is the case I have often been “reminded” that my views on child rearing are for some reason invalid. Apparently dropping progeny imparts you with magic child rearing powers, in much the same way eating and shitting impart you with magic nutritionist knowledge. I understand that I have never gone through the trials of having to spend every day making sure a life I created survives and, in the cases of decent parents, have the tools required to continue to do so after I am gone.  I would never minimize the difficulties of parenting. That said, I do believe not having children allows me to take a step back and look at these issues critically and without bias. Continue reading

Training Young Minds to Hate


You don’t think this image is a bit biased, do you?

I am on occasion a fan of nostalgia. Somethings, however, are better left in the past. The Cold War, for instance, can be safely left in the history books. Despite that more than a few in the media, including some so-called progressives seem pretty keen on the idea of jump starting that 20th century anachronism. The bogey man of the last decade, the Islamist militant, has apparently lost his punch. A good job has been done by decent folk getting most of their fellow Americans to acknowledge that most Muslims are just like you or me, and that not being a Muslim and being white, does not mean you are immune from being a terrorist. So yay for us. What is a culture bent on defining itself by conflict to benefit a few war profiteers to do though? Continue reading

Appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator

I have never been a big David Letterman fan. I never actively disliked him, and even enjoy some of his top ten but by and large he has not been my cup of tea. For whatever reason the last couple of weeks I have found myself watching late at night while I sit on the computer. I think my land lady and I just keep it on for background noise while we do other things. The foibles of Chris Christie have quite justifiably made their way into his material. So how does Dave handle it? Does he give us scathing satire exposing Christie as a bully? Does he capture the essence, through humor, of what it must be like for residents of New Jersey to live under the watchful eye of such a vindictive man? Continue reading

Duck, Duck, Goose

English: A rubber duck. Français : Un canard e...

English: A rubber duck. Français : Un canard en plastique de couleur jaune. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I honestly do not know how to feel about the news that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has been suspended by A + E. Yes, as a queer and just a generally decent human being I find his remarks disgusting. Also, yes, when he compares homosexuality to fucking animals, he is comparing me to a bestiophile, so quibbling over his remarks as just saying they are both sins is disingenuous, or at least extremely short-sighted. He is a bigot and a zealot and I really do not have much use for him. Continue reading