Not Your Vessels or Vassals

I do not have children. Since that is the case I have often been “reminded” that my views on child rearing are for some reason invalid. Apparently dropping progeny imparts you with magic child rearing powers, in much the same way eating and shitting impart you with magic nutritionist knowledge. I understand that I have never gone through the trials of having to spend every day making sure a life I created survives and, in the cases of decent parents, have the tools required to continue to do so after I am gone.  I would never minimize the difficulties of parenting. That said, I do believe not having children allows me to take a step back and look at these issues critically and without bias. Continue reading


Can You See The Finish Line?

It is easy, so very easy, to look around our world and be pessimistic. Short sighted industrialists threaten our well-being. Angry taxpayers want to take their frustration out on the most vulnerable in our society while being convinced by those who truly abuse them that said abuse is good for them. Our political process seems rigged. Far too many of us still give into, or suffer from, bigotry. So I understand, to a degree, when people espouse the notion that we cannot fix what ails the world. I disagree, entirely, but I understand. Continue reading

Abortion, Animal Rights, The Death Penalty, Vegeterianism and Ethical Laziness

I came across a meme today, a picture of an empty electric chair with the claim that it was the cure for pedophilia. I am not fan of child abusers, who would be, and indeed have a particular loathing for them. That said, it saddens me to see so many memes like that. I am also not a fan of the death penalty but every corner of the internet and every place on the ideological spectrum seems to like the idea so long as it is a group or person they disagree with. Oh to be certain the left couches it in terms of just wishing something randomly horrible would happen to someone but that is just comparing apples to slightly riper apples. You would think that two million years of hominid evolution, and self-awareness would help us shake the desire to see those we disagree with dead. Continue reading

That Positively Ancient Chestnut

I have been known to get angry now and then. My struggles with depression are even more well documented. I would like to keep a cheerful demeanor all the time, but that is not always possible. Overall, however, I think I am a positive person. I love my family and friends unconditionally and even the rest of humanity, even, maybe especially, when they are driving me up the wall. This happens more often than I am comfortable with, and in particular when I have to read how my unhappiness comes simply from being the person I am. Continue reading

Generation Why?

No, I do not mean Generation Y, that group of people who come between Generation X and that dubbed the Millenials. Rather I refer to my generation, the aforementioned Xers. Earlier today on Facebook I bemoaned all the writing we have been doing about ourselves. I guess this makes me a bit of a hypocrite but I am sick of reading all I have been about how supposedly maligned we are. So I give you this article: Generation Why. As in, “why don’t they just shut up already?” Continue reading

Navigating the Rocky Shores of Oppression and Redemption

Change is hard. Real advancement, real improvement, for people left out in the cold takes thoughtful work. It takes courage. It takes intelligence. It takes a stubborn refusal to accept the status quo. It also requires oppressors open their eyes. That means all oppressors, including those who are oppressed in other ways. Some folks find that hard to do. Too many who want to fix the world only want to fix it for themselves, or at the very least cannot be brought to care for the plight of others. Sometimes you can explain that to them, sometimes you cannot, and sometimes you go about doing so the wrong way. Continue reading

Appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator

I have never been a big David Letterman fan. I never actively disliked him, and even enjoy some of his top ten but by and large he has not been my cup of tea. For whatever reason the last couple of weeks I have found myself watching late at night while I sit on the computer. I think my land lady and I just keep it on for background noise while we do other things. The foibles of Chris Christie have quite justifiably made their way into his material. So how does Dave handle it? Does he give us scathing satire exposing Christie as a bully? Does he capture the essence, through humor, of what it must be like for residents of New Jersey to live under the watchful eye of such a vindictive man? Continue reading