Happy Birthday To America’s Alarm Clock

English: Occupy Montreal on Saturday, October ...

English: Occupy Montreal on Saturday, October 15, a Global Day of Action for the Occupy Together movement. Over 1,000 people convened at Victoria Square to take part in the peaceful democratic expression. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two years ago today something remarkable happened. A group of Americans, mostly young, mostly educated, gathered in a privately owned park in Lower Manhattan and elected to occupy it. The Occupy movement grew and before they knew it, there was barely a square inch of that block that was not covered by human beings. People camped out in the open, in the early Autumn weather because they were not allowed tents (the police would cut them open with sleepers inside.) In the beginning there were frequent clashes with police that never did go away completely. At first the park’s owners wanted them right out, and later, thanks to public outcry allowed the protesters to stay, though never without some form of harassment. Before very long there were Occupy camps in cities around the world. People were angry from decades of abuse heaped on us by the economic elite, and we weren’t going to take it anymore. Continue reading


Full Pockets, Empty Hearts


Poverty (Photo credit: Teo’s photo)

They say money can’t buy you happiness. The cynic in me wonders how much money was made putting that platitude on posters and buttons during the seventies. It seems the loudest advocates for finding contentment without money are people who have it. We are told, over and again, just how miserable the wealthy really are. How their lives are full of worry and doubt. We make ourselves feel better by reflecting on how they must always wonder about the sincerity of those around them. We find joy in the notion that the best things in life are the intangibles that cannot be purchased, or at least so we have been led to believe. Continue reading

Occupy This: Digging In

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sa...

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio, 1509, showing Plato (left) and Aristotle (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thirty six days to go. Just over a month until we choose our new stewards in our towns, counties, states and nation. Early in November we will go to the polls, if we are smart, make an informed decision (hey a girl can dream) Continue reading

Occupy This: A Letter To Santa


A stachue of santa claus

A statue of Santa Claus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fair Warning: This post is deliberately meant to challenge certain long-held ideas. It is intended to shock you into awareness. I will try to do so as kindly as possible, I know most of you are not willfully ignorant, but I want to help you to be the best you can be, even if, maybe especially if, that means getting you to give up something you love.  I also do not want to out you to your children, so please, don’t let them read this without reading it yourself, and even then, only after you have seriously reflected on it. Continue reading