New Poem 200,00 Ghosts


The numbers vary, but apparently in 2013 on any given night there were just under 200,000 people living on the streets in America. That’s not quite the population of my hometown. There are ways to address that, but the popular method seems to be, at least for now, to just make them invisible. I don’t know about you, but that’s not acceptable to me.

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Poem: Brittle Consensus


I sometimes think we are ruled by fools. Then I remember we are, in theory, a participatory democracy, and I am no less sure, but a lot sadder about that. Still, don’t want to let the fools we send to represent us off the hook.

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The Forgetting Princess

Tiara de Princesa

Tiara de Princesa (Photo credit: erika.tricroche)

The aisles are spilling over with┬ácostumes of every variety. They pass witches, nurses, girl doctors, faeries, amazons, jungle girls and firefighters. As usual Melanie stops at the princesses. Her mom gives her a look, imploring her to choose something else. She has no grand, cultural agenda that opposes her daughter being a princess. While she counts herself as a feminist she also tells herself that she is not one of “those” kind. Her concern is for her daughter’s emotional health. Continue reading

Silver Wear

Dinner Table Settings

Dinner Table Settings (Photo credit: joeywan)

Joe looks out over the table, proud of the setting, and of the fragrance filling the air. For a minute he wishes he had his uncle Cenzo’s talents in the kitchen, but he knows he has inherited enough culinary skill to make it work. Two plates placed across from each other, bowls of pasta and sauce, an expensive bottle of red and two candles. A perfect setting for this perfect night, a night Joe has done his level best to pretend he forgot, and for the perfect woman. Continue reading

The Other Side of the Glass

English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm ...

English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The giant, posh office feels claustrophobic. Triple the normal occupancy and people bouncing off each other like balls in a lottery tumbler, chattering inanities and sipping champagne, this is not what Kendra signed on for. Top of her class she wanted to make a difference, then, unable to pay her loans on not-for-profit pay, she wanted to at least show off her skills. Instead she finds herself needing to play nice in this dog and pony show. Her years of education mean nothing, apparently, just how she looks in her little, black dress, and how sincere she can smile despite how much she despises the person she is speaking to. Continue reading

Creative Writing: Ticking Away Unheard

pocket watch

He can’t get his hair quite right as he fusses in the hallway mirror. It is Nick’s first date in over twenty years. In the living room the twins, back from college for the holiday, side eye him. They both think it is too soon. The ink is not even dry on the divorce and here he is going out on a date with some young woman he met at a conference. It is like they have forgotten that it was their mother who cheated on him, apparently for half their marriage. Continue reading

Creating Mosaics: People Who Think Different Than Us

Porn star Sunny Lane at the 2007 Adult Enterta...

Porn star Sunny Lane at the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have made no bones in the past regarding my (mostly) casual enjoyment of pornography. I understand that there have been serious problems in the past, that there continue to be problems, and that if not discussed and put into context pornography has serious ramifications for women. In all of our discussion of it though, we often forget the people actually involved are actually, well, people. Continue reading