White Whine and Treacle

white people

white people (Photo credit: Victor L Antunez)

I did not watch the Superbowl this year. I find it harder all the time to enjoy the spectacle of pro sports. I used to enjoy them a great deal. Now I find the zeal with which so many of my friends and family members throw themselves into fandom a bit overwhelming. I also have a hard time not seeing everything through the lens of an activist. I won’t make any apologies about that. The way I see it, if everyone else can treat politics like a spectator sport, I am perfectly within my rights to treat spectator sports like politics. Continue reading


Cashing Checks: Endorsing The Patriarchy

Classic 50's Sign

Classic 50’s Sign (Photo credit: RavenFire)

Much has been made, including on my pages here, of the “War on Women” being waged by the most extreme elements of the Republican Party. We have rightfully called out Congressmen for holding hearings on women’s health issues that involved zero testimony from actual women. Continue reading

Cashing Checks: The Grand Daddy Of All Privilege Bankers

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, 2008 US presidential candidate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I try to be open-minded. I try to think that, even when someone holds views different from mine or behaves in a way I see as harmful to myself or others, deep down they are OK people. Mitt Romney sure makes it hard to keep believing it. Continue reading

Cashing Checks: The Errant Touch of Cis Privilege

English: 'FREE HUGS', Leipzig, Germany.

English: ‘FREE HUGS’, Leipzig, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My posts have been less frequent lately. I was without a computer for a while and I have been a bit busy since I acquired a new one (thank you Mr. Kunkle) so let me apologize to all my readers. The posts I have written have taken on a particularly personal subject and tone. I get into ruts of melancholy over such issues. I will not apologize for that, it is what writers do. Continue reading