New Poem: Not Another Poem About Clouds


Photo from The Conversation

Seriously, I have to wonder, in 6000 years of written word, how often has some goober like me decided to write about this?

Not Another Poem About Clouds

Dust and vapor
a mile in the sky
against turquoise drapes
sliding softly
silently on by

The poets muse
over and over
syllables repeat
down the ages
repeating our awe

Our hands reach out
our minds reach over
turning mundane puffs
to miracles
our wistful sculpture

Why should we not
why feign not to see
the marvels of our eyes
the white engines
of imagination

Will they notice
in years yet to pass
necks craning to see
what they want to
hearts reaching out
for the unknown


What do you think?

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