New Poem: Without a Script


Photo from Washington Post


I’m always down for some direct action. I’m always down to be heard. I’m down for stopping traffic and annoying the fuck out of people who cannot be bothered.
But I am only down for that if it is with purpose. Bitching just to bitch is fine, but wasting good movement energy because you as an individual want to be heard is bullshit. Most aren’t like this, some are, and this poem is for them.


Without a Script

at the
empty sky
gather your forces
in anticipation of failure
the better to excuse your call to jus ad bellum

with shit
not honey
because you know that
is the best bait to bring them in
gathering but not guiding their mad and pointless flight

when you
have lost it
spit flying from your lips
justice your favorite catch word
even if it is all a play in your mind’s blind eye


What do you think?

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