New Poem: Keep Your Eye On It


Without a doubt the evils of racism have hit people of color in ways that not a single white person on this planet can fully comprehend. That said, White Supremacy is not just targeted at black and brown bodies, but poor white ones too.  And they go for it, every time. I’d like to say I don’t know why, but sadly, I do.

Keep Your Eye On It

“Welfare Queens”
stranger beings
and you don’t think
they’re talking about you.

Of course you are right
in a certain kind of light
talked at
not about
talked of
not to
a certain kind of speech
when lies are true

And you listen like an apostle
rapt and ready
with a head full of ideas
that are shaky but steady
the con man has it all worked out

You watch him flip that coin
from finger to finger
lured in by the flirt
while he has his hand
down your wife’s shirt
ready to turn her out

“It’s them not you
“and certainly not me”
he gets you to agree
sending you out into the cold
with empty pockets
and angry dreams

You never take the time
to think how his pulling at the string
has you coming apart
at the seams


What do you think?

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