New Poem: Understand


Hey folks, sorry I have been gone so long. Even sorrier that it takes tragedy to bring me back.


I don’t want to understand
the bearded man
with the sick look in his eye
what can his past tell me
that I don’t already know
what can his motivations be
how could they ever matter

I want to understand the people
in the crowd below
the joy they experienced
in a shared love of music
the thrill of a festival

I want to understand who they were
before they were victims
I want to understand their
mothers and fathers
brothers and sisters
friends and lovers
I want to feel
everyone to feel
their hopes for their future

I want to understand what it was
when the chaos started
the fear and sorrow
and rage and resignation
Who did they call out for
when they thought they were breathing their last
whose hand did they feel
from how ever far away
when they knew

They are worth far more
the knowing more precious
than a rage filled mind
holding a diseased soul
They are worth remembering
when we ask how


What do you think?

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