Poetry Month Day 6: It Ain’t Bliss


I have been fortunate to find great people to surround myself with who work to make the world a better place. It is not easy to look the ugliness of the world in the face and say “no more” and I have been tempted more than once to look away. That just would not do though.

It Ain’t Bliss

I heard the ruckus
but held my tongue
respecting the borders
and toeing the line

I could have called out
just spoken up
but instead I listened
with my ears covered

This fight was not mine
or so I thought
obeying tradition
regarding causes

Why should I stand out
paint the target
for the strong to take aim
and bring it all down

Down upon my skull
ringing my bell
maybe wringing my neck
with impatient hands

The I remembered
that I bruise too
when the blows fall on you
though it does not show

I hobble myself
with iron chains
those fitted by others

made for the timid

But I will walk free
away from it
finally listening
and hand you the key


What do you think?

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