Poetry Month Day 1: Clunky Gardening Metaphor


Starting Poetry Month with a piece that I wrote yesterday at a workshop. Yes I am posting it a day late, but since it was written on the first, I am counting it. Also think it is kind of a perfect set up for the month.

Clunky Gardening Metaphor

Each post a seed
lovingly placed
in the fertile soil
of the

Watered with the next post:
both seed and nutrient.
Then the next
and another,
plowing with words
through bandwidth.

All next to rows
and rows
of sentences
and paragraphs,
a fine crop
of story.

In between come stanzas,
cool in the shade
of longer forms,
full and bright.

And from this garden
I will sow
my reward:
a peace
and stability
I have never cultivated.


What do you think?

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