Dear Trump Voters;


I have finally figured out what to say. It has been a rough several months since you voted a man I cannot help but hate, and even worse since his inauguration. We have seen divisiveness in this country since it was a country, but really nothing like this. I have struggled to figure out the word. What must I say to help you understand. Then I realized it is I who must understand. I have not tried to comprehend you, until now. After long contemplation, I finally have the right words:

You are exactly what is wrong with this world. Every ill, every iota of pain. It is on you. You bring shame to your families, even the ones who agree with you, because shame is all you deserve. You have made the future uncertain for your children, who I hope will later hate you for it. You have given power to men who delight in their deliberate cruelty. You have put in office a man who designates authority to those who have admitted their agenda is doing everything they can to undo anything good in this country. We have a secretary of education who thinks public schools are a business, and an attorney general who fights against justice. That is on you.

You voted against brown people, plain and simple. You wanted to keep brown people out whether they were coming her for opportunity, as your ancestors did, or for safety, as the refugees you would turn away have. Refugees, I might add, created by policies you likely supported. You have hurt them. You have hurt black mothers and fathers who now must worry even more, without a justice department that will at least pretend to protect their children, about cops murdering them. You cheer for it even, dressing it up as concern trolling about “black on black violence” and “crime rates” that only exist to feed a prison industrial complex that keeps your 401K flush. You did it because being white is so very important to you, even though it comes so easy.

You voted against women when you did not give a damn that he was recorded, joking about sexual assault. Every thing the man has ever said publicly about women has been nothing short of disgusting. And you did this because you knew he would fight against reproductive rights. Women cannot choose to not be pregnant in your eyes, whether by birth control or abortion, but men should absolutely have the right to sue for custody of visitation rights of the product of their crime of rape. Even now, disgusting as that last comment was, you are trying to work out in your head how you can adopt that as acceptable in your feeble “moral” code.”

Lastly, you voted against LGBT folk, especially trans people. You with your bathroom bills and your painting us as predators. And you with your hatred of the ACA, so called Obamacare, just because its nickname bears a black man’s name. On a very personal note you have cut off the transition I have desperately yearned for, in one way or another, since I was 9 years old. If the ACA goes away, so does my bottom surgery, something giving me hope during very dark times. You have brought me to the brink of suicide, again, and I know you are perfectly OK with that.

So I want you hurt. I want your every endeavor to fail. I want your children to never speak to you again, I want the world to know what a positively horrible human being you are. There is no agreeing to disagree. You want people not like you to suffer, so you feel like your life is better. That makes you, and this is a technical term, an oozing, noxious pile of shit. I have no quarter to give. I hope you see this and you understand. That you feel shame and empathy, and it wounds you to the core, what you have wrought. I hope you get it, and that it taints everything you want or do hence forth. May your home fall into disrepair, may you lose your job, may your car break down, may your church, the people that in part led you to this, cast you out. May you kiss my tranny ass, and choke on my sweat. Go to hell and fuck you, on behalf of all the others you have hurt.


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