New Poem: Behind the Wire


There are those who never learn, nor run out of excuses to victimize. The rest of us no better, and never forget.

Behind the Wire

Born behind barbed wire
away from the rest
away from a country
itching for a reason
to condemn
and confine

What were your first memories
were they the wire
the shacks
the lines of your elders
dragged off to work farms
in lieu of running the businesses
they were forced to leave behind

Did you see it
did it shape you
the pain and betrayal
carved into their eyes
as they tried
to return to a normal life

Can you forgive
the unforgivable
when it is not asked for
by those who refuse to see
a commonality in community
with those they have wronged

Their patriotism is an advert
a replacement for identity
born from their fear and hate
just waiting
for generations
for the excuse


What do you think?

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