How I Stopped Worrying About Riots and Began Loving Anti-Fascist Rage


Hello there.  This is Johnny Silvercloud, the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind.  The Vicious Abolitionist.  Frederick Thuglass.  The Gordon Parks of these parts.  Being that I was back home in Washington D.C. employing my lens during this historical event of an Inauguration, I feel compelled to discuss my mixed feelings on the micro-riot that occurred when I embedded myself into a set of black-clad protesters.

A Different Type of Protester


When I first saw these protesters arrive, they marched through McPherson Square (a spot for multiple protesters) and I’ll have to say that there was something different than them.  The first thing I noticed was that they were decked out in black, head to toe.  They all wore masks, and walked out in as a uniform front.  Out of the various protesters meeting and crossing McPherson Square, these folks were the most intriguing folks out there.

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