New Poem: Confessions of an Ex-Apprentice


I loved my time in academia, I really did, and I do wish I could have continued had family misfortune not curtailed such. I do realize though, that it is not uncommon for those whose education comes solely from that source miss out on a lot, and it costs everyone.

Confessions of an Ex-Apprentice

I had to drop out
of wizarding school
logical fallacies
are anathema to me
and they lurked
in every corner

It might not have been
so very bad
until the enchantments instructor
tried to convince me
that this was not this
and I knew my degree
could never be
worth the paper it was conjured with

Since then I bump into them
old class mates on magic carpets
selling love potions
enchanting charms
and summoning petty demons
without any thought or care
for the mundane all around them

Dazzled by spiraling towers
and delightful pyromancy
all the real wonder has been replaced
by an expectation of the next big moment
and they cannot see the tiny spells
woven all around them

They would rather slay a dragon
than summon a dinner
for the starving goblins at their feet
why should they notice
when the rain of fire
they pull from the sky
leaves the village in ruins
when they will walk away the heroes

Well not to me
I saw all I needed to see
in the lessons between lessons
and remember who the magic is for
and for whom it will eventually come


What do you think?

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