New Poem: I Get Along


This has been a terrible, no good day. Not that Hillary Clinton was without taint, as a mainstream Dem, not for any reason specific to her, but the most awful candidate thinkable won. It is not a surprise, when we look how bigots are pushing for bathroom bills, painting me and mine as rapists (all while supporting an alleged rapist) and offering lame excuses every time a black or brown human being is laid to waste by White Supremacy with a badge. I spent a good portion of it crying, and wondering, if the ACA is repealed, what next for my transition? I don’t have answers. I just have to get along.

Get Along

Oh Great Goddess Ativan
thank you for grace
and the peace you grant me
when so many who call themselves my countrymen
wish to snatch it all away.

Oh Patron Saint DBT
please once again come to me
show me the path
hidden behind miles of worry and aggression
and take me to safety

Oh Gentle Prophets of Group
lend me once again your voices
soothing and blending
a hymn rising above the clamor of a cruel chorus
and allowing my voice to sound out

Oh Gathered Angels of My Care Team
wrap me in your warm embrace
whisper to me the secrets
of personal balance in an unbalanced world
that I can get along once again


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