New Project: Liberal Bourgeoisie Phrase Book


I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative.
Translation: I like the advantages gained through the oppression of others, but do not want to deal with the guilt.

The above is easily the most obvious example of something you might hear from those that want to think of themselves as progressives, but are afraid of doing, or anyone else doing, anything to unravel the systems that maintain the privilege of some at the expense of others. They are the people who finger wag at rioters, and tut at “welfare cases.” They are annoying as hell, but they are also amusing as fuck.

Which is why I am putting together a phrasebook of things these people say along with what they really mean, in case you didn’t already know. The book will be broken up into at least four sections: economic(or class)  politics, racial politics, queer politics, and last, but certainly not least, electoral politics.

I am asking everyone who reads this to hit me up with a phrase you have heard (not the translation, I have that in hand) so I don’t miss any. I may have plenty on my own, but I don’t want to leave anything untranslated.

Half my royalties once this is for sale will go to an organization fighting for economic justice. I hope you all are as excited about this as I am. You won’t see Fodor’s or Berlitz doing a phrasebook like this!


What do you think?

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