New Poem: Me and the Girls


Living in a shelter, even a decent one like I was in, can be rough. I couldn’t have done it without my ladies. 

Me and the Girls

Packed away like stray dogs
because we were inconvenient
but we weren’t the ones barking
at curfew or lights out

Children bouncing of each other
in a yard in name only
kicking up cigarette butts
and crowding on a worn out play set

Days spent hurrying up to wait
shipped to social services
don’t be late or you’ll miss your appointment
to be allowed to stay another day

Chores handed out to grown women
because idle hands and all that
and if you dare trade to help another
you’re reminded of your place

I would give my right pinkie
to be back
to be with those ladies
who knew what I know
and bear no shame in it


What do you think?

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