New Poem: Neighbors


I really hate cockroaches. Also, my new neighbors in my rooming house are kind of assholes.


Skittering and scurrying
always keeping me worrying
the dirty little bastards
are all over the place

I keep them off my bed
but they still get in my head
they are absolute experts
at invading my space

They sit upon my table
even though they know I’m able
to kill them with a can or shoe
and call it a win

But when I’m on the loo
they know they’re nothing I can do
so they all crowd around the sink
so the party can begin

Don’t know how much I can take
but I know what is at stake
so I shrug my shoulders and relax
and just go about my day

Still they give me so much trouble
and my anxiety it doubles
so traps and powder in hand
I show them I’m not going to play

You may say I’ve lost my mind
that I am being too unkind
but if you lived this way you bet
you’d be on the rampage too

By nightfall they will know
that it’s definitely time to go
the odds may not be in my favor
but I will do what I must do


What do you think?

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