New Poem: Garrote



No coverage in the MSM as this country’s native population and brave allies stand up to keep us from killing ourselves. Mom will do just fine without us, we are not destroying her, we are destroying ourselves.


The pipeline snakes through the valley
twisting like a garrote
around the neck
of an ecosystem
that has nurtured us for centuries

We tighten that chord
year after
blundering year
confident in our plan
oblivious of the inevitable
like a child
unaware of mortality

We tighten that chord
around the lives
and futures
of any brave soul
who dares open our eyes
or take our pulse
and have the nerve to call it

We tighten that chord
and our life’s blood
runs up through the ground
and all over our shores
choking our tap
burning in blistering red lines
across broken neighborhoods
and toss away people

We tighten that chord
because we do not know
it is our neck


What do you think?

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