The Other “C” Word


This primary season has brought out both the best and worst in some folks. As has been the case since her entry to the national stage, Hillary Clinton, by no means my choice for the Democratic nomination, has been subject to sexist garbage. Almost all of it comes from the right. Republicans are fairly cruel to the women in their own ranks, and even worse to those outside. Some has also come from my fellow Bernie supporters, though that less than a mole hill has been made into a mountain by her mouth pieces. It is an issue though. As can be expected when patriarchal fools get their ire up, a certain “c word” is often casually, and disgustingly dropped. That is not what I want to talk about today though. I want to talk about the other “c word.” I want to talk about class.

Because it is increasingly apparent that is something no one in establishment politics, Republican or Democrat wants to talk about. To do so is to invoke “class warfare” though how one can look at the history of our country and not conclude that we have been in a class war since before the American Revolution, and that all the casualties have been on one side, is beyond me. Republicans loathe talk of income inequality, and Democrats will side step that talk, and how their support of oligarchy worsens inequality, if they can. They focus on other intersections of oppression. They tell us we have to vote for them over the so-called identity issues, because the Republicans, and in this they are correct, would gladly prop up the White supremacist, cis het patriarchy  every chance they get. They conveniently forget that they do so too when electoral politics call for it. They will gladly tell their donors that they support keeping “deadbeats” off welfare, or throw theocrats a bone by calling for “responsible” abortion access, or “respect for family values.”

These issues are important, do not mistake me. Class, however, is every bit as important an intersection of oppression as the rest. I am a trans woman. I have been threatened with rape and arrest just for being. I have had employment opportunities denied me. I have had my voice dismissed in discussion of women’s issues. I have been hurt for being trans. Despite this, class has affected me far more. I have been homeless while employed in multiple jobs. I am in debt up to my eyeballs over a school loan for an education I could not complete because I had to leave school to help my sick and dying mother when they could not afford a nurse to come into the house. I am uninsured, and face dim prospects of improving my lot, mostly due to my economic status. My class.

I am well aware that in the past the Democrats, and even the radical left, have dismissed race, gender, and sexuality issues in lieu of framing them all as class issues. It is foolish to think those issues do not matter. It is equally foolish though, to pretend class does not matter. They each work together to keep folks down. That is something the Democratic establishment, and their chosen candidate, routinely seek to hide. The party has become the party of entitled upper middle and upper class elites. They tell us to trust them, as though we should appreciate what little they will throw us in their noblesse oblige, while they run our economy to ruin, send our young to war, and back environmental policies that are to ecological reform what leeching is to medicine because they will live well away from the consequences while the little people choke on poisoned air and drown in rising waters.

Hillary Clinton is not unfit to lead our nation because she is a woman. She is unfit because she is yet another member of the upper class who is so disconnected from the lower classes she claims to represent that she is, at best, led astray by her peers who fund her campaign. Class matters. It matters to People of Color who are disproportionately  affected by it. It matters to working class women, who often do not reap the benefits of a bourgeoisie feminist movement. It matters to poor gay, lesbian and trans folks who are often left behind behind by a pride movement that works mainly to help “presentable” queer folk of a certain strata rather than us all. Hillary is the beneficiary of a classist “progressive” movement that only wants liberals of a certain strain in their club. It is a club I have no desire to be a part of, and one that needs to have its grip on American politics loosened.


What do you think?

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