Gamergate and the Inadequacy of Twitter


(Originally posted on Tumblr)

I wasn’t sure which blog to use for this. Typically I use my WordPress version of HoA but somehow tumblr seemed more appropriate. I had a little fun this morning trolling gamergaters. The brouhaha over Chris Evans and Jeremy Rennner’s untoward comments about Black Widow, comments they have apologized for (Renner’s problematic one not withstanding) was met with the expected outrage from these guys.
It is funny because they accuse feminists of being outraged when all we are doing is suggesting more thoughtful behavior and speech from men. No one is being attacked, or threatened with legal action, yet they scream across their screens at anyone who challenges them.
So I called them out for their weak bullshit. I called them out for being obsessed with a vision of masculinity that they are so very unable to live up to but still want to perpetuate. In doing so I called them boys, because immature little boys are what they are.
Of course they know that is the context with which I am using the word “boy.” They know it is a condemnation of their level of maturity. Weak, frightened, lying little boys they are (remember their movement started with claims of being about journalistic ethics because a woman in game development who slept with a reviewer who NEVER, repeat NEVER, reviewed her game dared say maybe we ought to discuss sexism in gamer culture) some of them tried to make it a racial issue.
I am well aware of the racial history of the use of the word boy. Had I used that word in any way that was racist I would expect a call out even if my intention was not racist but merely cruel ignorance. Indeed I have written about how proud I was of my nephew when he did call me out for such thoughtlessness.
Context matters though and this was a general remark about all gamergaters, regardless of race. It was about my view of them vis-a-vis their level of maturity, not their worthiness as members of any group, accidental or otherwise.
That is the problem with twitter though. It is why Suey Park was able to get outraged with Stephen Colbert over his staffs’ thoughtless retweeting of his satire. With full context Colbert’s humor was a condemnation of racism. Without it it was racism. That does not matter with gamergaters though.
No, unlike Suey Park who had a point and whose well intended outrage was misplaced if she looked at all the context, these liars know I am referring to their maturity level as a group. So they turn around and try to level accusations in my direction because they know, liars and weakling that they are (remember the above mentioned genesis of their “movement”) they have no leg to stand on. So they take advantage of twitter’s 140 character limit.
Boys are what they are. Immature children so afraid of being wrong they hold their breath and throw tantrums rather than listen to what anyone is telling them and maybe reflect on  how the attitudes they defend make the world a worse place. They are petulant brats, so unless I see firsthand the race of the person I am  having a conversation with (often impossible considering the icons they use) I am going to keep calling them boys, unless, of course, they are girls.


What do you think?

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