Poetry Month Part 6: Take the Pin Out


Just one of those days. I hate feeling like this, like all I have is my anger. I hate reading hate and willful ignorance and I hate the absolutely unjustified sense of superiority those who spread those things seem to possess. I hate it, but here I am.

Take the Pin Out

I breath the toxins in
a long
slow inhale
savoring every molecule
burning my lungs

I bask in the radiation
the sickly
green glow
of decay
unraveling me
at the cellular level

I do this
just let it happen
reveling in the explosion
waiting to happen
deep in my soul

Every line on my screen
every word from your lips
a tick off the timer
bringing me so much closer
to that moment

It is happening even now
in slow motion
that pressure wave
pushing outward
crushing every organ
but I cannot stop it
that force is the only thing holding me up

If I let go now
I will collapse
and crumble
I will cease
and blow away in the wind


What do you think?

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