Poetry Month Part 3: Unwitting Busker

coffee shop

This one is for a regular at my favorite coffee shop. This person, who it is not my place to name, is neuro-atypical and has never been fully self sufficient. He is sharp as a tack but rambles sometimes and can be very negative, but underneath it, if you take the time to see, is a pretty sweet human being. Most folks don’t take the time.

Unwitting Busker

The weirdo
the human punching bag
sitting in the back of the coffee shop
attacking you with an endless deluge of anecdotes

Why wonder
who he may be
once he shuffles his way down the street
and into the lonely recesses of his apartment

It’s a laugh
his stammering complaints
entertainment for the price of a cup
and it is all his fault you take the time to listen

You scowl though
when it gets to be too much
when theory after incredulous theory
passes from his lips and into your ready but weary ears

Scorn him
and send him on his way
revel in your certain superiority
and thank your lucky stars you do not have to be him


What do you think?

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