The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Military Industrial Complex Auxiliary Plan


Cards on the table: I hate conspiracy theories. They detract from honest discussion of real evil being done and pass the buck on our responsibility to do anything about it. Why fight for a better world if some omnipotent commission is pulling all our strings? Truthers so intent on digging up (non-existent and perpetually refuted) proof of a controlled demolition ignore the real evils of our elected and appointed employees deliberately ignoring warnings of an attack and even if that was not the case, using the attacks to drag us into wars based on lies. People claiming the levees were destroyed to flood New Orleans detract from discussion of the very real social evil of just plain ignoring the  need to upgrade those levees. So I have little tolerance for wild speculation as entertainment.

With that in mind I find myself wondering, just wondering mind you, if the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine is the result of a calculated attempt to keep two cultures at each others’ throats for the benefit of a few. I look back on the history of modern Israel, the aggression back and forth, and the foundation of the state to begin with and it makes my head spin. I think of all the money made on all that suffering and while I do not believe there is any active element to any such conspiracy, at least not anymore since both sides are keeping it going just fine on their own, I do wonder if the powers that be, the Western powers that helped Israel come into existence did not give them some help hating each other.

At the time both communities were coming out of decades of oppression at the hands of the British. The entire world, weighed down by the guilt of their complicity in the murder of 6 million Jewish people wanted an easy out. On paper it sounds like a great idea: give them their own country, and hey, lookie here, they kind of already have one that we’ve taken from a (not white) empire that we toppled. Sure there are already people there but we’ll just make them share, but not actually share, no they have to divide up the land.

What could go wrong? What could go wrong throwing two oppressed groups and telling them they have to divide up locations that have deep cultural significance to both of them? I mean, that’s a better idea than say creating one nation that rather than being a “Jewish State” would instead be a “state dedicated to the preservation of the Jewish People.” Language matters, and history matters, and looking back on both it is hard not to believe that at the very least the Brits, and probably the rest of the West, were at least willfully complicit in the manufacture of this conflict. Maybe it was not a primary motive, but these were not dumb people designing this grand idea of a modern Israel. These were people schooled in history who knew how this should play out and at the very least did nothing.

At this point going backward to a one state solution would be difficult (but not impossible.) What Palestinians and Israelis could do, however, is realize that by accident or design they have been played by the military-industrial complex. There are people getting rich, very rich, off of them killing each other and off the need for arms the greater regional paranoia their conflict has created. They can look out and then in again. They can see that rather than enemies they are the victims of a global system that feeds off their rage. They can look at the rest of us and flip us the bird and put their arms around each other and say, “no more. No more will we lay waste to each other. No more will the rest of the world benefit from our dead.” It does not seem likely, but I will dream that little dream.


What do you think?

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