I’m Alive, Honest


I just have been busy with a million other things including writing projects I don’t share here for one reason or another.  I have been working toward my (yes I made one despite my snarkiness on the matter) New Years resolution of treating writing like a job and so far I have been somewhat successful on that end. A sort of working stay-cation house sitting for my former employers (they sold the book shop and hopefully are enjoying their retirement) is giving me the opportunity to kick those efforts up a notch and drastically improve my time management, with the help of a work schedule that gives me time to do that (thank you Cody and John.) In any case, I am back, with a burning need to post and be read.

One of the other reasons I have not posted here as much is how overwhelmed I have felt by the subject matter I have, and will continue, to opine on. It seems that since last Summer the country I live in has completely lost its mind on several issues, or maybe the forces of regression have just been more active. I promise I will have a lot to say on that soon, probably later today. For instance I have a lot to say about the whole Beck v. Kanye affair, some of which will probably bother some people, but like the lady said in The Never Ending Story, “it’s to hurt if it’s going to heal.”

So what’s next, you might ask? Well as you may have noticed, I have taken down all of Book of Doors, more on that in a bit. I have also stopped writing the other two serials. I stopped Red Hot Aether because I straight up did not like how that was developing. I stopped Zaphyr and Zox, my personal favorite of the three, because I believe very strongly that it will work better as a web comic, and once I find an artist and a way to pay them, that is what it will be. As for Book of Doors, well, that I will be releasing as serialized fiction for  your Kindle. The first part, consisting of everything I posted here, with some revisions, is already available for sale. You should buy it,  you will like it, and tell your friends to buy it too, and then, if you like it, write a nice review on Amazon (you don’t have to write one if you don’t like it.) I also have a serialized erotic fiction story, but I don’t know, I feel weird about linking to it here. If you want a link, let me know.

Beyond that I will be typing away, working on books of poetry and my flash fiction. Also bouncing an idea for a genre fiction novel in my head that I will maybe give you some hints about at a later date. I love that you folks keep reading and hope that you continue to do so. Please let me know what you think, good or bad. The good I always appreciate, and the bad is helpful so long as it is cogent and calm, even if I still disagree. If you are abusive, well, “as ye reap” et cetera. I don’t worry about that too much though. I know most of my readers share my concern with making the world a safer, saner, kinder place.

Pax et Amor;


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