New Poem: In Some Name


This week a satirist was murdered in His name. The year before last an American pastor was trying to convince an African nation to murder ten percent of its population in His name. Right here in America doctors are gunned down in His name. For years people in Israel have been butchering each other in His name. If He’s out there, I hope he’s sick of all that is done in His name, and if not I don’t give one tenth of a fuck what He thinks.

In Some Name

I have no use
for your Allah,
or I Am.

Follow your own
damned leader
and do what thou will
to thyself
and leave me well out of it.

I tire of watching
streets run red
and children run scared
from your issues
with your fellow man
and more so
with yourself.

Hate yourself,
if you will,
and even me
if you must,
but leave your
twisted urges
in your bedroom
or on the bathroom floor.

Flog yourself blind,
I care not,
but put that whip away
in public
lest you put someone’s
eye out.

Marvel at your
twisted logic.
Revel in
the impotence
you magnificiently
foist on the omnipotent:
how He needs you.

You profane Him
and defile yourself
and drag us all
and bleeding
and dying
with you

and I am so very


What do you think?

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