New Poem: Not Unalike

election day

A little E-Day poetry for you folks out there. Remember you have the chance not just to make your life better, but your fellow human beings. You can vote for the mighty, or the vain, or you can vote for everyone’s gain.

Not Unalike

I’ve seen you with your hand out
when you’ve been beaten about,
and now that you’re on rise
you look on others with crueller eyes.

You say that you are fed up
with those that need a leg up.
How easy it is to forget
that you were once part of that set.

Or maybe  you’ve never stumbled,
never fallen or even fumbled,
and man how you are fortunate
to live life without regret,

or worry, hunger, pain and fear
day after day year after year.
I just can’t see how you can ignore
those sleeping in a corner on the floor:

your brothers and sisters on the dole
thrown in our culture’s grimy hole.
Labeled as losers for not climbing that hill,
cast asunder by a childish will.

You thank your lucky stars that you are not trash
a label you earned by having some cash
but your toys and your accounts don’t matter at all
because we all know what goes before the fall.

Don’t look in their eyes or you might see their hurt
and make it impossible that truth you would skirt:
that your fate lies by the slimmest of threads
and is tied, just like theirs, to the boss’s need to get ahead.


What do you think?

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