New Poem: Daylight Savings

poor richard

I know, I know, there is a rationale behind it. That doesn’t mean I have to like it being dark at 5:30.

Daylight Savings

Screw George Vernon Hudson
and Benjamin Franklin
for taking the hours
and wrapping them around the sun
in the name of progress
and profitability
and productivity

I want my sun in the evening
to sit in the window to read
or just bask
for that one hour more
but every November
those efficient bastards
steal it from beyond the grave
a century
and two

Mom has run her circuit
the same way
more or less
for four billion years
but these guys got it all dialed in
and so the evening comes
a little sooner
in the season of dark

Make way for the age of precision
the era of redefinition
for its own sake
the time of Edison
and the lightbulb
and the obsolescence of day

I am no Luddite
a child of the gig
and the cloud
and the comforts
and entertainments
they afford

But I wish
how I wish
for just one more hour
before the sun races west
of real light
and the ease it brings



What do you think?

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