Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It… Oh Wait, Yes I Can


From the outset I want to be honest and note that I did not watch the “discussion” Ben Affleck had with Sam Harris and Bill Maher about Islamophobia. I’ll read a transcript sometime but when it comes to debate I would much rather read than watch, it allows a more careful examination of all the points being made. Well, that, and I really have no desire to listen to Sam Harris. Bill, with the exception of this issue, yes, but Sam, the hell with that. I will say that I am happy that someone with something of an audience finally called Bill and his fellow race baiting friends in the atheist “movement” out on their bullshit.

Because make no mistake that is what Islamophobia amounts to. Yes Sam, Richard and all the rest will point out the evils of all religions, but some how Islam earns greater ire. They cherry pick the Quran as readily as the Jihadists do to justify their beliefs about Islam then turn around and let Christian apologists do the same in reverse, picking out the kindest words in the New Testament, to paint Christianity as the more peaceful religion. They do this while Christianists live by the angriest words in the New and Old Testaments, often promoting violence a la Oklahoma City, and the most the atheist movement can muster is an almost jovial smug retort about  Leviticus and shell fish.

They paint Islam as a religion of savages all while ignoring a history that involves preserving knowledge, including knowledge that allows for questioning ALL faith that Christianity did its level best to destroy before the Renaissance. They paint 1 billion Muslims just trying to get through the day with a brush they would never think to paint Christians with, despite Christianity being behind some developing countries’ attempts at making homosexuality a capital crime, thereby exposing fully ten percent of those countries’ population to state sanctioned murder in the name of piety.

So what makes Islam so different? Don’t think too hard on it, know you know the answer, it has already been stated above. When you think of a Christian, what face do you see? If you are a white person you see a face like yours, even if you are an atheist. You see your uncles, aunts, cousins, parents, your siblings and your neighbors. Now think of a Muslim. You see a brown face. You see the alien. You view the world through the same lens that allows our President’s right wing detractors to “accuse” him of being Muslim, as though that were blameworthy. You rightfully deride them for doing that to the President, pointing out that to them “Muslim” is code for “brown,” but meanwhile let yourself off the hook for an irrational disproportionate  fear of Islam for the very same reason.

You will hide behind 9/11, yes the worst attack by a foreign group ever on the US, as if the actions of a dozen or so psychopaths is indicative of the desires of 20% of humanity. You do this while ignoring the fact that your black and brown neighbors have been terrorized for a century and a half by an organization that claims Christianity as the root of its beliefs. You will soothe the worried souls of your family and neighbors, “yes I disagree with you but I know you are not all like the KKK,” but meanwhile will not afford the same consideration for darker faces here and abroad.

The atheist “movement” claims to be one of reason above emotion, yet they afford themselves none of the Socratic examination of their beliefs that they ask of others. No, better to pretend the problem is everyone else and that they are somehow immune to the social conditioning that equates white with Christian, American, and Good, and not-white with Pagan/Muslim, Foreign, and Evil. It’s what they want to believe, which is funny considering being rational means opening yourself up to the possibility you could be wrong. The reflexive defensiveness of atheists on this issue puts the lie to their commitment to reason, and instead exposes them as the self important, racist, blowhards they really are.


What do you think?

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