New Poem: Ascent


“Don’t read the comments.” I think about that advice, advice I mentioned the other day. It is good advice. I know there are so many voices that care about the oppressed, but sometimes the oppressors drown them out. Please don’t think that means we don’t know you are there, and please don’t join the other side by calling us ungrateful. We are grateful, sometimes though, the climbing is hard.


The hill is steep
and the storm strong
the wind blows
and carries on

I climb
by little
as the rain drenches
the earth beneath my shoes

I stumble
and I cry
and you hear me
offering a hand
still the tempest rages

You offer shelter
and peace
a thing I have not known
in my heart or in my mind
and do your best
still the wind cuts to the bone

The howling madness
the angry air
needing to drag me down that hill
needing me to slip in the mud
covering me in the cold
drowning me in its hate

I hear you 
I hear you
and see the pain in your eyes
the helplessness as I stumble
the frustration as weariness takes me

I hear you
I hear you
your pleas to carry on
and some days
some very special days
it is all I need

I hear you
I hear you
and you guide me on
I hear you 
and I stand
I hear you 
and I climb


What do you think?

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