New Poem: Holier Than Moi


So yeah, I’d like to see non-violent, civil disobedience as the tool of choice for change. I have read enough history to know I do not want to be in the crosshairs of some wannabee Robespierre when the revolution comes. That said I have tell you it is irksome how many of my fellow White Americans suddenly are in love with the philosophies of King and Gandhi now that their Black neighbors are rightfully standing up in protest and some of the protesters are louder and scarier (because, gee, aren’t angry, unarmed black people so scary?) Not that there is a lot of violence on the ground anywhere but you know what, if there was, I am pretty sure White Americans could not handle five days of being treated like animals without giving in to the urge to say “OK, I guess I am,” much less five centuries. Where were all these calls to sing Kumbaya after 9/11? No, White America is in love with MLK, not because the nobility of his message, but because it gets us off the hook and somehow puts the people already bloodied on it.

Holier Than Moi

We smile wide
and preach the principles
of nonviolence
while we grip the truncheon tight

“Be better than me”
we sob while kicking
“two wrongs don’t make a right”
but that tally counted so much higher than two
so many generations ago

Standards vary
depending on where you stand
and when your feet touch scorched earth
the expectation becomes
“hold out for the next world”

So pray
and pray
for that elusive better day
pray and be holy
pray and be kind
to those who know no kindness
keep praying with your head low
so we can take better aim


What do you think?

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