A Different Kind of Challenge


I was going to write my own stuff about this, but I will leave it to my friend Brian, who first posted the idea on FB.

“Most of you on my FB page have taken a part in the ice bucket challenge, and it was for a very good cause. You went so far as to film yourself dumping a bucket of ice cold water on your head. You have proven that you will stand up for a cause.

I have a challenge for all of you today. No ice. No video. Just a photo to show that you are in solidarity and you have the courage to stand up.

The people of Ferguson have asked that you make today ‪#‎HandsUpFriday‬

Please replace your current social media profile picture with a photo of you holding your hands up in solidarity with Mike Brown, his family, the people of Ferguson, and the youth activists demanding justice. Then use the tags #handsupfriday ‪#‎ferguson‬

If you’ve had the privilege to avoid police violence throughout your life, and chances are, if you are white, this is true for you. Please add the hashtag‪#‎iwillneverhavetodothis‬

We need to spread awareness, and though this only one way, it’s a powerful one. Thank you.”

There, that says it all, hope you all join us.



What do you think?

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