New Poem: What Bill Saw


“You are free… to do what we tell you.”

I don’t always agree with the late (has it really been 20 years) Bill Hicks, but I do agree on his assessment of our culture of illusory freedom. We say the words like the mantra will make it true, meanwhile we are, as Neil Postman pointed out “amusing ourselves to death.” We agrue within a very narrow framework of what we consider possible outcomes, never once accepting that there is rot in the foundations of our society. Indeed we are encouraged from the time we are very young to ignore it.

What Bill Saw

Eyes glued shut
ears stuffed with electronic noise
whispers of fear and rage piped into your head
feet chained to the chair
hands tied behind your back
lest you get it in your tiny head
to walk away

Mouth taped shut
you have nothing to say
that we will find interesting
your grunts and groans
your whimpering and wordless pleas
fall on deaf ears
just listen
just listen
and we will fill  your mind and mouth

In time we will rip that tape
In time we will wash that glue
but only once we are certain
you will say and see what we want


What do you think?

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