New Poem: A Little Boy Changes The World


It has been 69 years since President Harry Truman made what will likely be the most debated decision of human history for a very long time. I will not debate the merits of this side or that in the argument of whether or not the right choice was made. It is undeniable that the choice forever changed our world, and mostly not for the better. It sparked fifty years of posturing between two powers that made the world significantly less safe for everyone, and that is without the constant worry of either side scouring the surface of our world clean of everything but the most rudimentary lifeforms. Sixty-Nine years ago today the world changed more dramatically in a few seconds than it had the previous 10,000 years combined, and we can never unchange it.

A Little Boy Changes the World

Quiet in  his cradle
the Little Boy Waits
rocked gently
by the eager rhythms of turbulence
and a lullaby of propellers
and orders

The cradle will fall
and so will one hundred thousand
souls expecting a longer
death brought on the wings
of their leaders’ enemies

Just two wings are needed
two wings and some of the brightest minds
the world has ever known
men curious about the universe
of what it is made
minds bent to a cause so terrible
bent by fear
but of what
at the waning days of a decade
of murder
of rapine
of hate
and rage and hope
a decade born of despair
after all this
can shape their actions
to an end of which they are all terrified

they fear
and send their child
this Little Boy
across an ocean
into the waiting arms
of mothers unwary
until they look to the horizon
and see the Sun touch the Earth

Fear born of fear
birthing more fear
for a half century
the Eagle and the Bear
hands behind their backs
full of the Little Boy’s siblings
grown stronger
with the aspirations of their fathers’ keepers
fear of each other
fear of a world without them
fear of a world shared
fear of a world they may create
if they let the little boys play


What do you think?

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