New Poem: Turned Over


More storms on the horizon. Last night was a false alarm, at least from where I was sitting. I hope somebody nearby got a show, because I sure didn’t. Thunderstorm love, because is there anything better?

Turned Over

Static electricity pops
two miles over my head
life’s little kick starter
on this mud ball
like the clouds forgot
they already got that one

Or maybe it’s a do over
maybe the sky looks down
and wonder where it went wrong
maybe the wind is just a capricious bitch
figuring it will be more fun
more bold
more beautiful
this time around

The air becomes a percussion instrument
bass beats
out of rhythm
like proof of the atmosphere’s

Maybe that’s why we fear it
that flash and bang
that sturm and drang
that light against the dark blanket
between us and the stars
we know
deep down
Mother is reconsidering


What do you think?

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