New Poem: The Thistle


OK, so I was in a bummer mood yesterday. Too much hate in my newsfeed can do that. I am still upset for seeing all that. For seeing the evidence that we are all still far too savage. That said I saw something yesterday that got me thinking. Something in a movie. I won’t say which one, let us just say that there was a shot of a particularly prickly flower and I got to thinking what perfect metaphor for life it was.

The Thistle

Beautiful from a distance
until you get too close
then you can see
all too well
how it might hurt you

you think
to admire from afar
lest you get pricked
lest you bleed
lest you itch
and feel all its discomfort

Or you can dare
just dare
even if just once
to grab it
to draw it in close
risk the hurt
to really know it

Hold  it tight
feel the sting
and look carefully
and experience it

The texture
rough and cruel
the colors
all the greens
so many shades
blending from one to the next
the fragrance
earthy and maybe
a little off putting
but lovely all the same
and the flower

Oh the flower
that tiny
atop all those bristles and thorns
a bit of beauty
above all that pain
and isn’t that
what it is really
all for


What do you think?

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