New Poem: Under Their Skin


Giving a shit can be rough. Reading line after line of xenophobia, rage, greed, and simple, childish, selfishness on the internet, or hearing it at a door while you are canvassing, can feel like a billion tiny daggers digging into your heart. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that it is worth it, no matter how hard.

Under Their Skin

Be a bother
do not be silenced
and screech

Never stop making noise
never stop calling attention
never give them a moment’s rest
to do their dirty work

Be a pest
the one they cannot shake
and kind

There are those without hope
those who need your voice
those who need your spine
to shield them in the fire

Hold on tight
the riding will be rough
and worth it

Remind them of their humanity
their connection to us all
our mutual survival in the balance
and our ascension at stake


What do you think?

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