New Poem: American Dream House


Kind of angry today. Kind of sick of seeing members of the so-called middle class do their “betters” bidding and kick those who have it worse. Hence this poem:

American Dream House

Live that fairy tale
unicorns and princesses
grip it tight to your chest
in your dainty sequined dress
wait for your Prince Charming
to ride to save you from
the monotony
of your own company

Live that romantic world
of dreams spun from gold
never asking where the straw came from
never asking who the Good Fairy
had to kill to make your wish come true
who she had to rob blind
whose dreams had to die
so your banal hopes could live

And never forget
to kick
scream at
and spit upon
any who dare show you that looking glass
the dirty and downtrodden
scarring your dream world
with their dirty lives
their hunger
their insistence in providing evidence
that the dream
is in fact a nightmare
you help visit on others


What do you think?

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