The Trap


Brandy holds her gut as she doubles over. She tries not to cry as blood drips from the end of her nose to the sidewalk. Looking around for friendly faces she is quickly disappointed, though not the least bit surprised. Tony kicks her again missing her face and catching her in the shoulder and her breath rushes out. All around passers-by ignore the savagery. No, worse, they watch as they walk away shaking their heads at her and not her attacker. 

“How could I be so stupid?” She wonders as the older boy stomps her side. She thought she found a friend. Becky was so nice, even yelling at the other girls when they made fun of Brandy at school. They always made fun of her, of course, because at school she was “Brandon” the little sissy boy. None of them wanted “him” around, but Becky told them they were mean and suggested they could hang out. For a week she spent her lunches with the popular girl in the school yard and eventually confessed that she was really a girl and how she wishes she were as pretty as Becky.

Hushed squeals of delight were followed by an invitation over to her house for a “make over.” Brandy was so happy she cried, perfectly OK with the mockery that would mean. After school she packed the dress she stole out of the garbage bag headed for Goodwill, the one that belonged to her big sister, and headed over to Becky’s. For an hour Becky shared make up tips, and taught her how to walk in heels. It was the best time of her life, until she was dragged down stairs.

The other girls were waiting and everyone pointed and laughed at her, even Becky. Brandy was about to run out the door, leaving her boy clothes behind when she was jumped by Becky’s big brother. He shouted at Brandy, calling her a “little perv” sneaking into his little sister’s room. Fists and feet crashed over and again into her until her mom came.  She was rescued, for an hour, until her father came home, then it would start all over again, and just a little Brandy just wanted Tony to finish what he started.


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